I love wasps. That's right. I do.

Lately the garden is berzerker and I have the wasps to thank for that.  

My gratitude is two fold.  

First off, wasps apparently eat aphids.  They aren’t as cute as ladybugs, but they’ll do.  They’ve been using the balcony as their feeding grounds for the past couple weeks and I have not suffered even one sting…or even a threat of a sting (which I assume would be some sort of hissing paired with a dirty look).  Maybe they’re preoccupied or maybe they see me as the wasp queen who provides them with lavish meals…I guess we’ll never know, but either way, it’s working out for the both of us.

Secondly, wasps are stellar pollinators.  Every single pepper plant is loaded with peppers, the tomato plant has tiny little tomatoes popping up, and the tomatillo plant has two decent sized tomatillos growing! 

I never thought I’d be so happy to have a wasp infested balcony.