[Winnipeggers] There's a pop-up community garden happening in the Exchange!

My heart is pretty joy-filled lately, but this just brings it to a new level.

The Winnipeg Arts Council is putting on the Creative Placemaking Challenge where selected applicants are creating temporary installations in the Exchange District.

Some awesome people came up with an idea that I am definitely going to be part of - Your Garden: A Pop-Up Community Garden in the Alleys of the Exchange.  

Your Garden is a pop-up community garden that aims to show the potential for fresh and affordable produce in the downtown by creating an edible garden that is open to all. It will appear in an alley of the Exchange District on August 15th as part of the Creative Placemaking Challenge. (Your Garden - Facebook page)

Last year, Les and I got a chance to check out an urban gardening project setup in the downtown Montreal and I’m so happy that someone in Winnipeg is spearheading something similar.