The Routine.

I figured I should tell you a bit about the daily routine.  

Our apartment has a balcony, which is wonderful.  It faces South, so for the majority of the day the sun floods the entire area creating the best case scenario for an apartment garden.  The seedlings are still too fragile to stay out over night, so we bring the plants outside first thing in the morning and bring them in around 5pm or so.  We also had an old lighting hub from our lizard’s terrarium.  It has a UVA/UVB reptile bulb, so I figured why not put it to use.  I propped the lighting hub on either side with two bar stools and for a few hours each evening (once the sun has set)  I put the seedlings under the light.  They seem to be reaching up the light, so I assume it’s doing some good.  

The store bought plants are much bigger, so I’m less worried about them staying out over night.  I usually do a quick temperature check each evening and if it’s warm enough, I leave the eggplant and peppers out.