Setting up the containers.

In preparation for my plants, it’s time to set up the containers.  I have a few varieties all set up in the same way.  

I bought a couple outdoor garden pots.  They are about 12" tall with holes punched out in the bottom.  I also bought a few large plastic bins (the kind you use for storage).  I drilled out a few holes in the bottom and used the lid as the tray.

I bought some yard stones (for lack of a better descriptor), you can use any type of rock or pebbles.  Just make sure that the rocks aren’t that much smaller then the holes at the bottom of the container.  If you are moving the containers a lot, the trickle of gravel becomes a pain. I also bought some dirt (make sure you get the kind that can be used in containers), odorless manure, and organic fertilizer spikes (Jobes Organics brand).  Once the pants are ready to go, I'lI placed about 2" of stones at the bottom of each container and filled the rest up with a manure/dirt mixture.