Picking out the seeds.

I went to the store and parked myself in front of the seed wall. What an overwhelming variety.  A lot of the seed packages made mention if they were good for container gardening, so that made things a little easier.  A good samaritan warned me that it’s not all instant gratification (well as instant as growing vegetables can get).  Asparagus for example will not produce in its first season…super lack luster.  I’m not patient, so that got skipped even though I do love asparagus.  The lot this year is made up of bush beans, peas, thai basil, dill, tarragon, oregano, broccoli, jalapenos, and ground cherries.

As soon as I got home I planted the seeds in a seed tray, gave them some water, labeled the top and set in a sunny spot. Let the gardening begin!