Let the transplanting begin!

Some of the plants have outgrown the seed tray, so it’s time for the first round of transplanting.

I made a lattice for the peas with some old sticks I used for an art project and some yarn bits.  I staggered the pea plants along the side of one of the larger containers along with the lattice.  Their little feelers are out, so I’m hoping they grab hold and giver ‘er.

The broccoli also went right into a large container.  I realized that I really should have been more careful when seeding the broccoli.  The seeds were pretty small so I just pilled a bunch into each puck of dirt.  A wasteful mistake.  Most of the broccoli seeds sprouted, so each puck had a bunch of broccoli sprouts all tangled together.  My Mom, a huge green thumb, figures that the strongest of the bunch will most likely take over and the weaker ones will just die off.

The ground cherries, jalapenos, dill, and thai basil are ready too.  The majority of these went into some styrofoam cups that I inherited from somewhere.  I hate to use styrofoam, but I figured I should make use of what I have on hand.  I poked some holes in the bottom with a pen, labeled them,  and filled them up with a dirt-manure mixture. 

I put six of the jalapeno plants straight into a large container.  I figured if they fair out the same, then next year I’ll skip the first transplant and go right from the seed tray into large containers.