I’m envisioning a summer potluck party through my favorite 50mm lens. Friends are laughing as they go in and out of focus.  Music fills the air.  We all decide that it’s time to make the salad.  Some spinach over here, some tomatoes over there, some pats on the back and proud stances because we’re all living the locavore dream…but wait, wouldn’t it be nice to add some freshly cut homegrown organic sprouts?  Why yes, it would (enter puff of smoke, sparkle burst, or warm sunny glow of light as I extend one hand to the table) Behold this treasure, friends!  That’s not just a beautiful centerpiece you’ve been admiring, it’s also a delicious tray of amaranth, flax seed, quinoa, and chia sprouts!

I’m going to make this fantasy happen…then I’m going to makes smoothies out of my CSA share, indulge in some Tinker Creek honey, stare at my dehydrated fruits and homemade jellies, and plot ways to convert the people around me to this lifestyle.