Fungus Gnats are the new Aphids...

… and neither are in style this season.

Thanks to Mr. Knittle’s Whimsies, Plants fear me, Childbearing Hipster, 8-bit Hippie, Erik P Kraft and Sam, the mystery has been solved - Fungus Gnats (hissing and booing at this point is appropriate).

Here are some of the remedy tips that I’ll be trying out tonight:

1- Placing a container filled with a water, soap, and vinegar mixture in the tank.

2- Spaying the leaves and soil with a soapy water mixture.

3- Spraying the leaves with a hot pepper water mixture.

4- Fly tape (which isn’t the prettiest, but has a dual purpose of killing the gnats and warning other gnats to stay away or I will string your bodies up for all to see).